AAA provides comprehensive resources to motorists of all ages. Our safety and transportation experts research, develop and share the latest information related to vehicles, including:

  • Car buying tips
  • Crash test results
  • Car maintenance pointers
  • Online diagnostics, and
  • Driver education programs.

AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities meet and maintain the highest standards for repair work and customer service.

AAA Guide to Auto Repair

This guide will add to your understanding of modern vehicles, offer tips on communicating with repair shops, explain the benefits of written estimates, explore the qualifications of technicians, and help you choose an auto repair facility you can trust. Download »

Gas Pricing

For more than 30 years, AAA has provided updates on fuel prices to the traveling public and the media. Read More »

Conserving Fuel
Conserving Fuel

With gas prices on the rise, it pays to know these 10 tips on easy ways to save fuel. Read More »

AAA Green Vehicle
Going Green

AAA has tips to help you be more green with your driving habits and when shopping for an electric vehicle, fuel-efficient vehicle and hybrid vehicle. Read More »

Electric Vehicles

Driving an electric vehicle can help you save money on fuel, reduce harmful emissions and improve the environment. Sound interesting? Let AAA help you determine whether an electric vehicle might be right for you. Read More »

Transportation Funding
Transportation Funding

Do you know what your annual driving costs are? AAA does an annual analysis of the national cost per mile. Read More »

Car Buying
Car Buying and Selling

AAA is your one-stop resource for help in finding the right car and keeping it on the road safely. Read More »

Car Care and Maintenance

AAA offers many different resources and tips to address car repair concerns in a way that is both interesting and educational. Read More »

Holiday Road-Trip Survival Tips

When you’re planning a road trip during busy holiday periods, you want to be ready for anything. These tips from AAA can help you prepare. Read More »

Silver Vehicle involved in a Car Crash
Auto Collision Tips

View AAA's tips to motorists on what to do moments after being involved in an auto accident. Read More »