Transportation Funding

Transportation Funding

Transportation  - Cars traveling on the HighwayFor over 100 years, AAA has served as the motorists’ champion. From diligently working to make the Interstate Highway System a reality to supporting the creation of the Highway Trust Fund as a dedicated funding source to build and maintain the nation’s vast network of highways, AAA has been at the forefront.

AAA remains committed to advancing solutions to meet the transportation challenges of the future. Every business sector is dependent on a safe and efficient transportation system to improve its economic vitality – construction, manufacturing, travel and tourism and services, agriculture, shipping – transportation is the backbone of our nation’s economic well being.

AAA continues to call on Congress to enact a new multi-year surface transportation authorization bill. This
important legislation provides the opportunity to reform the current program in favor of one that is tied to outcomes, ensures performance management, and is more accountable to the payers of the transportation system. A robust level of much needed investment in America’s roads, bridges and transit can help long-term economic prosperity, create well paying private sector jobs, thereby making American stronger.

AAA launched its Making America Stronger campaign to garner public support for reforming, modernizing and funding our nation’s transportation system. Please visit the site to learn more about AAA’s positions and how to get involved in making transportation a national priority with policymakers.

AAA's Crashes vs. Congestion – What’s the Cost to Society?

This report highlights the overwhelming and far-reaching economic impacts traffic safety crashes have on our nation and encourages policymakers at all levels of government to ensure safety is a top priority. Download »