Non Partisian & Not-for-Profit

AAA is a fully tax-paying, not-for-profit member organization.


We exist for members and judge everything we do by how well it serves their needs. 

  • AAA does not have a national political action committee or “PAC.”
  • AAA does not make financial contributions to political candidates.
  • AAA does not work on behalf of any political party, candidate, manufacturer or special interest organization.

In fact, only about one penny of each member’s annual dues goes toward AAA’s federal advocacy activities.

Where Does Your Penny Go?

AAA regards public service on behalf of the traveling public as the cornerstone of what we are as an organization. Advocacy may not be the primary reason members join AAA, but we take our commitment to promote the safety and mobility of our members seriously.

Policy-makers at all levels rely on AAA thanks to our objective research, nonpartisan approach and representation of a large motoring constituency. We work hard to ensure that the public service and educational programs we initiate are well supported by scientific data.

Membership and the media are informed of research findings and expert advice though publications, our websites, awareness campaigns and educational programs.

Need More Information? To find out more about AAA’s role as advocate, contact us or your local AAA club. To find local media contacts, visit the AAA NewsRoom.