AAA Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety

Cyclists are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. By showing common courtesy and respect on the road, we can ensure the two-way street is a safe street for all.

Video created in partnership with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition and CAA.

Whether you ride for fun or to save money (and the planet) on your daily commute, AAA wants you to pedal with more peace of mind. We’ve organized reliable bicycle safety and maintenance information in one convenient corner of the Web. Even if you prefer traveling on four wheels, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a mini-refresher course on sharing the road with cyclists.



AAA Bicycle
Bicycle Equipment

Riding a bike is the same as any sport; you need to have the proper equipment. You wouldn’t baseball or hockey without the right footwear, helmet, pads, etc., right? This applies to riding a bike as well. Read More »

On the Road

Cyclists have all of the same rights and responsibilities as a motor vehicle and must obey the same rules when travelling on the road, For example, cyclists must yield to pedestrians, stop for stop signs, and travel with the flow of traffic. It’s best to remember that if you are riding a bicycle, then by law, you are considered a vehicle on the road. If you dismount and walk alongside your bicycle, then by law, you are considered a pedestrian and have the same rights as a pedestrian. Read More »

Riding Skills & Tips

Before you take to the road, read these useful tips to help keep you safe. Read More »

Bicycle Maintenance & Care

Just like a motor vehicle, bicycles requite care and maintenance. Learn the basics here. Read More »