Bicycle Maintenance & Care

Just like a motor vehicle, a bicycle needs maintenance and care to perform at its best. Brakes, tires, gears and other components should be regularly checked and maintained, so you can enjoy a safe, comfortable ride, whenever and wherever you decide to go.



A – Air

AAA Bicycle Air

Before you ride your bike, check your tires for proper inflation. Also look for signs of wear, cracking and gouges.

B- Brakes, Bar & Bell

AAA Bicycle Bell
Check the brake pads for wear and tear.

If you have handlebar brakes, squeeze the brake levers to ensure they are working.

Ensure your handlebar is set at the correct height so you ride without strain on your back, shoulders and wrists.

Check your bell and/or horn.


C- Chain & Crank

AAA Bicycle Chain & Crank

Ensure the chain is secure. It should not slip from the gears. Determine if it needs oil.

Run your bicycle through its gears to be sure you can shift gears easily and cleanly.

Bicycles are tempting to thieves. Here are some tips that will help you keep your bike secure.

Lock Your Bike

AAA Bicycle Lock
Secure your bike to a stand or fence using a lock and chain or cable.

Store Your Bike Out of Sight

Store your bicycle in a secure location such as a locked garage.