What is AAA Doing About Distracted Driving?

AAA Is Working to Help Prevent Distracted Driving

AAA's Outreach on Distracted DrivingThe safety of our roads has always been a priority for AAA and its members.  AAA has worked to educate the public on the risk of cell phone use while driving since 1984.

AAA outreach efforts on distracted driving have included:

PSA campaigns
Survey research
Public and media appearances
Community events
Social media and the Internet
Driver education classes

AAA incorporates information about distracted driving into driver training materials, resources for teen and senior drivers and DMV driver’s manuals.  A free mini-module on text messaging was distributed to driving instructors nationwide and is available on AAA’s Driver Training Program website.

AAA Driver Training has also created other educational and outreach materials, such as a trifold brochure on the dangers of texting while driving in addition to AAA’s How to Drive video series.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has also published a free brochure on distracted driving: Distractions in Everyday Driving.


AAA Advocates for Comprehensive Approaches by Policymakers

AAA is a strong voice in state, local, and federal government efforts to advocate for a comprehensive approach to the problem of distracted driving, whether by laws or regulations, funding education and research, or investing in enforcement and safer roads.