Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicles

Each year, thousands die in accidents involving large trucks, buses and emergency vehicles. It is important for everyone to understand laws and safety issues related to large vehicles, how these drivers see road conditions and how they maneuver.

To help all drivers share the road safely, AAA has created a national safety campaign, Share with Care. In addition to raising awareness and providing education, AAA is also working to ensure federal guidelines for the trucking industry protect all motorists.

Learn more about truck safety by reviewing these AAA materials:

  • Share with Care
  • Truck Sizes & Weights
  • Hours of Service
  •  North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) mandates
  • Causes of Crashes
  • Safety Tips
  • Distracted Driving


Share the Road

AAA's Guide for Motorists and Truckers to Safely Share the Road Download »

Traffic on a Freeway
Share With Care

The national Share with Care campaign educates drivers on ways to reduce crashes involving cars and trucks. Read More »

Oversize Load
Sizes & Weights

AAA supports legislation to restrict the length and weight of trucks which put the public at risk and represent undue impact on infrastructure. Read More »

Commercial Vehicle Safety Tips
Safety Tips

The better everyone understands how truck drivers experience traffic conditions, the safer all drivers will be as they share the road. Read More »


AAA supports NAFTA provisions that dictate safe commercial vehicle weights and sizes, equipment standards, driver qualifications and hours of service. Read More »

Commercial Vehicles
Hours of Service

By participating in regulatory reviews, AAA works to keep dangerously fatigued and sleep-deprived commercial drivers off the road. Read More »

Truck Crash
Causes of Crashes

There is no national database on the causes and contributing factors in large truck crashes. AAA wants to help change that. Read More »