Two decades ago, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) mandated elimination of trade and investment barriers among the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its transportation provisions were intended to eliminate access restrictions among the three countries and standardize regulation of commercial motor vehicle weights and dimensions, equipment, driver qualifications and hours-of-service. Safety issues related to NAFTA have been debated since the bill was agreement in 1994.

AAA has supported strict safety requirements and monitors efforts to ensure safety for all trucks, regardless of where they are based. We believe the following safeguards protect all motorists:

  • On-site examination of the company’s facilities, trucks and driver requirements.
  • Significant upgrading of facilities at border crossings to ensure safety and enforcement of U.S. weight limits.
  • Computerized databases to ensure tracking of truck and driver safety records.
  • Adequate and verifiable insurance on each vehicle.
  • Enforcement of safety laws, including limiting the number of continuous hours spent driving.

The truck from Mexico meeting all safety requirements under the NAFTA program entered the U.S. in November 2011.

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