What is AAA Doing About Cannabis Impaired Driving

In addition to conducting research to better understand drug-impaired driving, AAA is educating the public through its member magazines, social media channels and magazines to raise awareness and understanding.

Additionally, AAA clubs are urging state policymakers to strengthen laws to help fight substance impaired driving and get more police officers trained to recognize drug impairment. AAA clubs have organized state policy summits nationwide, which have provided opportunities for leading experts to exchange ideas with local stakeholders on challenges, promising countermeasures and policy approaches to address drugged driving on a state specific level.


Educational Resources

  • DUI Justice Link is a resource designed specifically for criminal justice professionals, which provides easily accessible, impartial information on a wide range of impaired-driving issues related to the detection, prosecution and adjudication of substance-impaired drivers.
  • AAA promotes PreventDUI.AAA.com to educate the general public about the dangers of substance-impaired driving; potential solutions to reduce drug or alcohol-related traffic crashes on America’s roadways are also discussed.