Distracted Driving

Distracted driving poses a risk to everyone on the road and remains a significant contributor to motor vehicle crashes.  Learn more about distracted driving risks, tips for drivers, state distracted driving laws, and steps AAA is taking to address the issue.

Mental Distractions Behind the Wheel Are Real and Dangerous

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is partnering with researchers at the University of Utah to conduct groundbreaking research on mental distraction, also known as cognitive distraction. This research  shows that hands-free technologies in the car can dangerously divert driver attention. learn more about the research:

Think you know about distracted driving? Think again.
Imperfect hands-free systems can lead to prefect storm for driver distraction.

Mental distractions can dangerously affect drivers behind the wheel.  Just because a driver’s eyes are on the road and hands are on the wheel does not mean they are safe – hands-free is not risk-free.

Attention is key to safe driving, yet many technologies can cause drivers to lose focus of the road ahead. Hands-free and voice-command features, increasingly common in new vehicles, may create mental distractions that unintentionally provide motorists with a false sense of security about their safety behind the wheel.

AAA is dedicated to promoting road safety and reducing driver distraction through research, public education and collaboration with automakers to reduce the impact of mental distraction.



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