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Evolving Vehicle Technology

More and more, drivers are recognizing the value in having vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like blind spot monitoring (BSM), forward collision warning (FCW) and lane keeping assist (LKA). While many of these technologies are rapidly being offered in newer vehicles, many drivers are unaware of the safety limitations of the systems in their vehicles. Lack of understanding or confusion about the proper function of these ADAS technologies can lead to misuse or overreliance on the technology, which could result in a deadly crash.

Research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety evaluated the safety benefits of popular ADAS technologies and found that if every vehicle was equipped with the technologies and they are  properly used by drivers, the technologies could potentially prevent more than 2.7 million crashes, 1.1 million injuries and nearly 9,500 deaths each year.

For the safety of motorists, it is important that automakers play a greater role in educating new car buyers about the ADAS technologies in vehicles. Strong consumer education about vehicle technology needs to become as much of a priority for automakers as making the sale.

Advanced Driver Assistance Technology for Older Driver Safety and AAA’s Auto Dealer Worksheet are designed to help senior drivers navigate automated vehicle technology.  This guidance reflects research from AAA and the AAA Foundation. It also leverages AAA Automotive guidance relative to naming conventions used to accurately describe these technologies.