Driving Advice

In 2010, almost 33,000 Americans died in over 5.4 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes, according to NHTSA. That averages out to crashes causing the deaths of 90 people each day, one every 16 minutes.

For more than a century, AAA has been working to improve roadway safety through providing educational materials and programs to members and the public, as well as by working with local, state and federal government officials and agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding safety rules and guidelines.

Driving in Wet Weather
Wet Weather Driving Tips

Spring and summer showers may mean flowers, but wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year. Here are some tips you’ll want to follow the next time you’re caught driving in the rain. Read More »

Gas Pricing

For more than 30 years, AAA has provided updates on fuel prices to the traveling public and the media. Read More »

Dangers of Driving Into Sun

Driving on a beautiful sunny day can provide stunning scenery, but it can also create a hazard if the driver’s view is compromised by a glaring sun. Read More »

AAA Roadway Safety

Speeding isn’t the best option when it comes to saving time on the road. Learn why. Read More »

Safe Tips for Drowsy Driving from AAA
Drowsy Driving

Feeling sleepy is dangerous when you are driving. View these tips from AAA to help you remain alert and avoid drowsiness. Read More »

AAA Safety Belt Safety
Seat Belts

Vehicle seat belts could save 5,000 American lives every year. Read more about the importance of this basic safety feature. Read More »

Conserving Fuel
Conserving Fuel

With gas prices on the rise, it pays to know these 10 tips on easy ways to save fuel. Read More »

AAA Green Vehicle
Going Green

AAA has tips to help you be more green with your driving habits and when shopping for an electric vehicle, fuel-efficient vehicle and hybrid vehicle. Read More »

Electric Vehicles

Driving an electric vehicle can help you save money on fuel, reduce harmful emissions and improve the environment. Sound interesting? Let AAA help you determine whether an electric vehicle might be right for you. Read More »

Road Rage
Aggressive Driving

Nearly one-third of all motor vehicle collisions and two-thirds of all automobile-related fatalities involve aggressive driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Read More »

Cars driving in the snow
Winter Driving Tips

Tips to help motorists driving in adverse weather conditions including snow and rain. Read More »

Pet Safety
Pet Passenger Safety

Millions of Americans recognize that dogs are wonderful companions and often bring their favorite furry friend along on road trips, day trips and day-to-day errands. However, in a vehicle, this can mean added distractions for the driver and added dangers for all passengers, including pets. Read More »

Holiday Road-Trip Survival Tips

When you’re planning a road trip during busy holiday periods, you want to be ready for anything. These tips from AAA can help you prepare. Read More »

15-Passenger Van Safety

View AAA's safety tips regarding the operation, handling and packing of 15-passenger vans. Read More »