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The Nation’s Roads and Bridges

America needs a 21st century transportation system to remain economically competitive.

As the nation continues to expand, it is imperative that highways, bridges and transit systems can support a transportation system that increasingly relies on technology and connectivity. Improving connectivity by increasing the number of routes, options and modes available will help create a more accessible and resilient system.  Smart cities and smarter transportation strategies integrating technology are already being implemented as part of the U.S. DOT Beyond Traffic blueprint.

AAA remains committed to meeting the transportation challenges of the future.  Through its policy and advocacy positions, AAA continues to support a highway system that promotes efficiency and reduces congestion, allows personal mobility and helps reduce motor vehicle related deaths and injuries.

A Transportation System for All Users

Transportation investments that reduce congestion, the amount of time spent sitting in traffic and wasting fuel can contribute to a more environmentally friendly driving environment.  Even in areas with little congestion, traffic bottlenecks elsewhere raise residents’ costs of living and impact their quality of life.

Consider these facts: Travel delays due to traffic congestion

  • caused drivers to waste more than 3 billion gallons of fuel.
  • kept travelers stuck in their cars for nearly 7 billion extra hours – 42 hours per rush-hour commuter.

The price of congestion is not cheap. The total nationwide price tag: $160 billion, or $960 per commuter.

AAA’s Position

AAA believes that federal, state and local policymakers should recognize that short- and long-term transportation solutions must accommodate the public’s freedom to choose the transportation mode that meets their personal needs.

AAA supports the general vision outlined in the U.S. Department of Transportation Beyond Traffic blueprint and Smart Cities Initiative that looks to integrate transportation choices to facilitate personal mobility decisions.

Individual choices regarding where to live, work, vacation, shop and play all are possible because of the availability of transportation choices.  AAA supports strategies that enable communities to maximize the contributions of the automobile and public transit, along with facilities that accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. We recognize that Americans’ transportation needs are nearly as diverse as Americans themselves.  AAA has a long history of advocating for the safety all road users – motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.  We support the installation and maintenance of adequate sidewalks and areas on roads that are frequently traveled by walkers and bicyclists.

Continued improvements in vehicle fuel economy, further development of alternative fuels/vehicles, semi and autonomous vehicles will all play an important role in contributing to the improvement of   safety and the environment.  In recent years, electric vehicles in particular have enjoyed increased interest from and adoption by American drivers. AAA has partnered with the GoElectricDrive Foundation to provide more information on electric vehicles here