Transportation Funding

A transportation system capable of serving the travel demands of Americans and the movement of goods and services is fundamental to the nation’s economy and our quality of life.  Americans value their freedom to choose where to live, work and enjoy personal time.  Transportation policies must provide the flexibility to facilitate these choices.

AAA remains committed to advancing solutions to meet the transportation challenges of the future.

The Nation’s Roads and Bridges

America needs a 21st century transportation system to remain economically competitive. As the nation continues to expand, it is imperative that highways, bridges and transit systems can support a transportation system that increasingly relies on technology and connectivity. Improving connectivity by increasing the number of routes, options and modes available will help create a more accessible and resilient system. Read More »

How to Pay for Roads, Bridges, and Transit

As it has for more than a century, AAA continues to be an advocate for the motorists and travelers who pay a large share of the nation’s transportation bill. In 2015, Congress passed a long-term, bipartisan surface transportation bill, which provides more than $281 billion in transportation and transit program funding over five years. Read More »

Transportation Safety

When Americans talk about transportation problems, they generally key in on traffic. Snarled highways, difficult commutes and gridlocked businesses and commercial districts add to driver frustration. Yet there is a more costly problem to be addressed on American’s roads: motor vehicle crashes and vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. Read More »