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Alcohol & Driving

Alcohol consumption is known to impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel significantly increases the likelihood of a traffic crash.  The ratio of alcohol to blood in the body is ca... Read More »

Car Seat Safety

Motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of death for children. Since 2002, AAA clubs across the country have worked to enact stronger child restraint laws in every state and the District of Columbia. AAA continues to be active at the national, state and ... Read More »

Pointers for Parents

As a parent, you can make a difference. The single most important step you can take to protect the life of your teen is to be actively involved in the learning-to-drive experience. According to research, teens value the opinions of their parents most of all (... Read More »

Autonomous Vehicles

Why Driverless Cars? The idea of an “autonomous” vehicle that can navigate without human intervention fascinates consumers, and they enjoy watching videos of motorists working on a laptop or reading the newspaper while riding passively in the driver’... Read More »

Slow Down/Move Over

AAA is in the business of rescuing millions of stranded motorists across the country each year. At the heart of this effort are service technicians and tow truck operators who put their lives at risk each time they respond to a member’s call for help. Sa... Read More »