AAA Safety Efforts


For more than a century, AAA has worked to foster a safe environment for travelers through education, research and advocacy. Since its founding in 1902, AAA has been a leader in developing and supporting educational and safety programs for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and children.

Child Safety - two children in proper car seats
Child Safety

Educating parents on the proper use of child safety seats and promoting the AAA School Safety Patrol are just two ways AAA protects children in and around vehicles. Read More »

AAA's Teen Driver Safety
Teen Driver Safety

Teen drivers, parents, driving instructors and safety advocates can rely on AAA to provide reliable safety information and resources. Read More »

AAA Senior Driving Safety
Senior Driver Safety

Senior drivers turn to AAA for the information and resources they need to achieve “lifelong safe mobility.” Read More »

AAA Roadway Safety
Roadway Safety

AAA educates drivers on the dangers of speeding, promotes the use of safety belts and shares tips on keeping your car on the road safely Read More »

AAA Bicycle Safety
Bicycle Safety

Like motorists, bicyclists follow rules and need space to safely operate in traffic. Learn more about sharing the roadways. Read More »

Commercial Vehicle
Commercial Vehicles

Through the national Share with Care campaign, AAA raises awareness of risks related to sharing the road with large trucks, buses and emergency vehicles. Read More »

Distracted Driving

Visual, manual and cognitive distractions can all take your mind off the road. AAA educates motorists about these risks. Read More »

Drunken Driving
Drunken Driving

AAA encourages you to learn more about the dangers of impaired driving and how to prevent it. Read More »

AAA Motorcycle Safety
Motorcycle Safety

By providing tips to both motorcycle riders and motorists sharing the road with bikers, AAA works to keep everyone safer. Read More »

State Laws
State Laws

Through its network of local AAA clubs and their representatives, the association monitors the progress of new laws and works to strengthen existing ones. Read More »