As a leading motorist organization, AAA offers products and services designed to serve members throughout a lifetime of motor vehicle ownership and use. AAA is committed to enhancing every aspect of vehicle ownership and providing members with reliable solutions to their automotive needs.

Roadside Assistance

AAA has provided safe and reliable roadside assistance to millions of Americans for more than a century. As the motorist’s most trusted advocate, AAA offers many resources to educate members and the general public on various automotive topics. Read More »

Automotive Testing

As a service to its members, the automotive industry and the general public, AAA’s Automotive Engineering department researches and tests new vehicle technology to evaluate the systems’ benefits and limitations. Read More »

Automotive Trends

As a leader in the field, AAA serves as a source of consumer information on emerging automotive trends. AAA provides answers to common questions about automobile use and maintenance as well as the latest advancements in vehicle technology. Read More »

AAA's Your Driving Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Drive? Read More »

Car Buying
Car Buying and Selling

AAA is your one-stop resource for help in finding the right car and keeping it on the road safely. Read More »